A Candid Letter to Hillary Clinton and her supporters from a Bernie Sanders Voter

May 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Dear Hillary and her supporters,

If it does come down to either you Hillary or Donald in November, I’d like to share some thoughts and advice on running a successful general election campaign, and healing the divide that exists in the Democratic Party.

Hillary, you have my respect and I see you as an honest person, but I voted for Bernie Sanders and I am encouraging my friends to vote for him in the California Democratic primary on June 7th. While Bernie’s chances of winning the nomination are slim, it’s not correct to say that he has no chance.

I voted for Bernie because he has the courage to speak candidly about important issues. I voted for Bernie to send a message to you and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that we are tired of our party often working more for the very rich than the middle and lower classes. We are angry that multinationals like Goldman and Sachs and Monsanto have so much influence over our elected officials and the electoral process.

Next to Donald Trump, you are one of the most unpopular presidential candidates ever. Twenty-four years of Republicans attacks against you and your husband, and your own penchant for secrecy have taken their toll; and we are still in a heated Democratic primary. Without Bernie’s support and a strong majority of his voters, it will be very hard for you to win in the general election.

So, what are you going to do about it?

You can start by continually reminding Democratic and progressive voters that Hillary and Bernie are in alignment on most of the important issues. You supporters need to become more educated about her good policies.  It can’t just be a “vote for Hillary to stop Donald Trump!” battle cry.

And show empathy and gratitude for the man and his supporters.  Many of you and Hillary were in a similar position 8 years ago. You know what it’s like to lose a close primary election.

It's also important to understand why your candidate came pretty close to losing the nomination to an old socialist Jew, and why he inspired tens of thousands of people to attend his rallies while you Hillary wined and dined at the private homes of wealthy donors.

There is a strong anti-establishment mood in our country and some of you and Hillary are a part of the establishment. If Democratic voters weren’t generally more reasonable and pragmatic than Republicans, they would have tossed you out like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is shrinking. Voters are more pissed off than I’ve ever seen them. If you don't acknowledge and address the reasons for this anger, more people will vote for Donald because he is perceived as anti-establishment.

Hillary, you're not as cool and hip as Barack, and you need to show young voters that you care about their concerns. Raising the minimum wage is popular. The cost of college has gotten ridiculous. Can you address both of these issues with a clear and workable plan?

As usual, you have the vast majority of Black voters supporting you. If your popularity with Latinos stays above 65 percent and voters are reminded of Donald’s absurd and bigoted comments about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists, you stand a good chance of being our next president.

Your defense of reproductive rights and family planning in front of the US Senate in the spring of 2009 was brilliant and heartfelt. It shows your caring, articulate and passionate side for an issue that is very important for many on the Left, especially women under 40 (a voting block you need to do well with in the general election).  I want to see more of that of Hillary!

Donald Trump entered this race as a bored billionaire and he would have been happy with 10-15 percent of the Republican primary vote as a smart business move. His already huge ego is on the verge of bursting. He will receive counsel on how to act in the general election, but Donald is Donald and let his arrogance, sexism and bigotry shine through. 

Finally, lighten up, smile and have some fun. Your detractors might mock you, but unmotivated and undecided voters will be drawn to your more human side. Your supporters like this side of you too. 

Wishing you a successful campaign for president, because while you are far from perfect, as Bernie says, "even on your worst day you are infinitely better than the Republican.”














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