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Helpful Questions for the Bride and Groom

Helpful Questions for the Bride and GroomI, Kyer Wiltshire, offer beach wedding photography for under $1,000.Santa Cruz-area couples have loved having their engagement images taken by photographers like me, Kyer Wiltshire. I also recommend Susan Helgeson Photography...

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Oregon Country Fair Video 

Oregon Country Fair Video 

Oregon Country Fair Video Capturing the Magic: How to Shoot Stunning Smartphone Videos at the Oregon Country Fair Oregon Country Fair video. They...

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Learn Photography with Kyer. A Fun and Creative Journey into the World of Photography

Are you ready to explore the world of photography and unleash your creativity? I am a photography teacher who makes learning fun and accessible for everyone. Learn Photography with Kyer.

I have an enthusiastic teaching style, you’ll discover how to take stunning photos, learn about different techniques and styles, and gain the confidence to pursue your passion for photography.
Here are just a few reasons why learning photography with me is the picture-perfect way to dive into the world of photography.

Approachable Teaching Style

One of the most daunting things about learning a new skill is feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the subject. With me, you’ll feel right at home as you learn at your own pace and ask questions in a supportive environment.

My teaching style is approachable, friendly, and easy to understand. I break down complex topics into bite-sized pieces and use relatable examples to make the material engaging and fun.

Learn Photography with Kyer by Doing

My philosophy is that the best way to learn photography is by doing it. I emphasize hands-on learning and encourage my students to practice what they learn in class. With me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Whether experimenting with different lighting techniques or practicing composition, you can apply what you learn immediately.

Learn with Creativity and Fun

Photography is a creative and expressive medium. Learning photography should be enjoyable. I have an upbeat and enthusiastic teaching style. I will encourage you to embrace your creativity and think outside the box.
I will teach you if you want to capture stunning landscapes and friends and family. Do you esn to photograph performance art or try your hand at exotic portraiture? I will help you explore your unique interests and creative vision.

 Flexibility and Accessibility

Are you a complete beginner or an experienced photographer looking to hone your skills? My classes and workshops are designed to be accessible and flexible to your needs.

I offer various learning options from one-on-one classes and coaching to gro to suit your preferences and schedule. With online classes and resources, you can learn from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Learning photography is a fun and creative journey. As an educator for 20 years, I believe in a hands-on learning approach. I emphasize creativity and fun, flexibility, and accessibility. So why not start your photography journey today? You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with my guidance and support.

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