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tribal revival: west coast festival culture

Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture

This book uncovers the stunningly beautiful bodies and wildly creative souls of California’s visionary festival culture.

books by Kyer Wiltshire

Kyer Wiltshire’s camera exposes the painted, masked and costumed character of each festival, as his panoramic views document the dramatic spectacle. Meet the tribe that lives their dreams!” ~Alex Grey

Hard Cover   13×10 inches  150 fantastic images 206 pages

Tirtagangga water palace bali

Tirta Gangga

The Royal Water Palace in Tirtagangga. In many ways, Balinese culture is the most colorful, ritually rich, and deeply integrated culture in the world. 

Hard Cover   9×12 inches  110 colorful images 150 pages

books by Kyer Wiltshire

This deep integration is the religious, spiritual, and social glue that holds these remarkable people together.

In many ways, Balinese culture is the most colorful, ritually rich, and deeply integrated culture in the world. This deep integration is the religious, spiritual, and social glue that holds these remarkable people together.

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Beauty Book Natural Beauty celebrates the natural beauty of women in natural environments and our collective admiration and appreciation of the feminine nude form. It also celebrates how far women have come regarding their sovereignty, expression, and choice.

books by Kyer Wiltshire

Every one of these women is a beautiful and courageous individual who has undergone a journey to get to a place where she could share her natural beauty in these pages.

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Exploring the World Through the Lens: Books by Kyer Wiltshire

Photography is a powerful medium that can capture the essence of a moment, a place, or a person, freezing them in time for us to revisit and reflect upon. Kyer Wiltshire, a gifted photographer, has harnessed this power to create a collection of remarkable books that allow readers to explore the world through his lens.

Let’s delve into the world of Kyer Wiltshire’s photography books, each a unique journey that transports readers to captivating destinations and moments frozen in time.

Journey to the West Coast Festival Culture: “Tribal Revival”

In “Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture,” Kyer Wiltshire explores the West Coast’s vibrant and eclectic festival culture. This book visually celebrates the music, fashion, and creative expression that define these festivals.

Through his lens, Kyer captures the essence of the West Coast festival scene, taking readers on a journey through a world of music, dance, and community. The vivid images evoke the spirit of these gatherings, where individuality and creativity shine brightly. Each photograph tells a story, offering a glimpse into festival culture’s unique and colorful tapestry.

Hot Springs and Artistry in New Mexico: “Hot Springs District”

“Hot Springs District” takes readers to the funky art community of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Kyer Wiltshire’s lens explores this inspiring locale’s hot springs and art scenes, inviting readers to experience the area’s unique charm.

Through his photographs, we encounter the captivating blend of artistry and relaxation that defines this community. The images capture the therapeutic hot springs, the creative spirit of the local artists, and the overall ambiance of Truth or Consequences. “Hot Springs District” is a visual testament to the power of art and nature to inspire and heal.

Bali’s Breathtaking Water Palace: “Tirta Gangga”

“Bali’s Breathtaking Water Palace: Tirta Gangga” is a stunning photographic exposé of the enchanting water palace in eastern Bali. Kyer Wiltshire’s lens immerses readers in the mesmerizing ceremonies and dance performances that reflect Bali’s rich culture.

The book offers a glimpse into the heart of Bali, showcasing its vibrant traditions and breathtaking landscapes. The photographs capture the intricate details of the palace, the vivid colors of Balinese ceremonies, and the grace of dance performances. “Tirta Gangga” is a visual feast and a cultural journey through one of Bali’s most enchanting destinations.

Celebrating Natural Beauty: “Natural Beauty”

Kyer Wiltshire’s book “Natural Beauty” departs from his previous works, focusing on a different kind of beauty—the natural beauty of women in their raw and authentic environments. This fine art nude photography book goes beyond capturing the feminine form; it celebrates women’s sovereignty, expression, and choice.

In “Natural Beauty,” each model is a unique and courageous individual who shares her journey through Kyer’s lens. The book features a foreword by Ma Ananda Sarita and essays by twenty of the one hundred models, including Maida Gragasin. It’s a celebration of courage, transformation, and beauty that empowers others to embrace their natural beauty and journey.

Kyer Wiltshire: A Visual Storyteller

Kyer Wiltshire demonstrates his remarkable talent as a visual storyteller in each of these books. His photographs transcend mere images. They are windows into worlds filled with culture, creativity, and human expression. Through his lens, we witness the beauty of the West Coast festival scene, the artistic spirit of New Mexico, the cultural richness of Bali, and the empowering celebration of natural beauty.

Kyer Wiltshire’s books invite us to explore these diverse worlds, sparking our curiosity and imagination. They remind us of the power of photography to capture the essence of a moment and the beauty of the world around us. Each book is a testament to the artistry and vision of a photographer who has dedicated his craft to sharing the stories that unfold before his lens.

As we journey through the pages of Kyer Wiltshire’s books, we are reminded of the richness of our world and the power of photography to transport us to places and moments we might never otherwise experience. His work encourages us to see the world with fresh eyes, appreciate the diversity of human expression, and celebrate the beauty surrounding us, both in the extraordinary and the everyday.