Code of Ethics for Nude Photography by Kyer Wiltshire

It’s an honor for me to be able to photograph nudes.  I know that being undressed in front of the camera can be both vulnerable and empowering.   Before we do our photo session, I first like to meet and talk about the concepts and discuss the goals of our photo session, financial compensation and model releases. I will also let you know of when you can expect to receive the edited images that we create in our photo session and how we might publish the images.

My experience has taught me that the best images come when the subject is relaxed and comfortable, so before we begin photographing, I will ask you what your boundaries are around nudity and certain posses. Your safety is very important to me and I will make it a point to understand what your boundaries are.  As your photographer, I may wish to physically reposition you at times during the shoot but only after receiving your verbal consent to do so.

I know it’s sometimes nice to get instant feedback on how you look in the camera, and though it can interrupt the flow of the photo session, I will always show you the digital photo I just took of you if you ask.

To me, consent and choice are very important: I invite you to do different poses that are inspiring and can look great, yet you as the model always have the choice to say yes or no.  We are creating art together and I am grateful to be working with you.