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Kyer has taught Spanish and English for 20 years. He was a professor of Spanish at Santa Clara University and the University of Santa Cruz, as well as the University of Portland and Cabrillo Community College. In recent years, Kyer has taught Spanish and English to online adults.

Learn Spanish Online
Learn Spanish Online Sacred Valley

Your Class

Learn Spanish Online. All classes are designed for each Spanish student’s specific needs and goals


Learn Spanish Online

100% Virtual

All classes are taught on Zoom.

Meeting Your Specific Needs

We start by understanding where you are at with your Spanish and how you want to improve it.

Common topics we cover

Proper spelling and pronunciation

Overcoming a fear of speaking Spanish

Efficient ways of learning Spanish verbs

Imperfect versus Preterit

Basic and advanced uses of the subjective


Students can reach me via Whatsapp message and email.
Learn Spanish Online Sacred Valley Peru

Why Do You Love Spanish?

From Spain to Mexico, Costa Rica to Peru and Argentina, the 25 Spanish Speaking countries and many parts of the US are diverse. They share a common language, Spanish, but their music, food, art, culture, and history and different. Latin America combines three very different cultures: Native, European, and African.


Success Stories

Spanish is one of the more accessible languages to learn. We share the same alphabet and many cognates. Spanish is a phonetic language, which means it’s easy to spell and connect the sounds with the letters. When I was nineteen, I couldn’t count to five in Spanish. I know what it’s like to learn Spanish as a non-native speaker. I know Spanish grammar rules better than English grammar rules. I fell in love with the language and culture and enjoy teaching Spanish very much. Learning Spanish is one of the best decisions I made in my life. Learn Spanish Online.

Melissa Richardson


Time Efficient

I am a nurse, and I work with a lot of Spanish-speaking patients. My Spanish was limited, and I had to depend on bilingual nurses to communicate well with the patients. I have a busy life, and I don’t have the time to enroll in a Spanish course at the community college. Working with Kyer was time efficient, and he immediately saw where I needed help with Spanish grammatically and in terms of vocabulary in my profession as a nurse.

Maria González

Personal Assistant
A Passion for Latin Culture

My parents are from Mexico, and I grew up speaking Spanish but never learned to read and write it and my grammar was always basic. After working with Kyer, I’ve learned to read, write and spell (accent marks) Spanish well. He’s a great teacher, and he has a passion for Latin Culture. I highly recommend him.

Peter Quinn


Kyer gave me Confidence

I took two years of Spanish in college, but I could never speak the language well. I travel to Mexico and Costa Rica a lot, and I always felt funny not being able to speak Spanish with the locals. Kyer gave me the confidence to overcome my fear of making mistakes when I speak Spanish. He also makes it fun. He’s been teaching for a long time, and he understands the challenges of an English speaker learning and speaking Spanish. He also makes it fun.

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